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Amanda is a singer / songwriter with grand piano and voice her starting instruments. With the love of electronic based sounds mixed with acoustic instruments such as the monochord and autoharp she has realised her songs. Club and radio airplay with her 90’s limited edition 12″ coloured vinyl dance & trance tracks (Cosmic Disco CD) and as the ambient songress Aquamanda was found delivering swirling, mesmerising vocals in many a South London chill out room in clubs such as Pendragon, Samsara to The Big Chill and Glastonbury. In 1996 she released quite possibly the first ever internet only single Weightlessness, (on Wonderland CD). From early collaborations with Knights of The Occassional Table – Knees up Mother Earth CD 1995 to present day since 2012 with Rude Audio – adding her distictive lyrics & vocals.


  • Dark side of the room

    30 April 2012

    Dark side of the room


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    “We all have moments at the end of the day where we sit alone in the dark side of the room, where life catches up with us, where you try to hold on, carry on, and move on – it’s about picking up the pieces”.
    Many tracks feature real instruments whilst embracing technology, with Amanda playing grand piano, autoharp & monochord (a 26 stringed instrument producing a drone and harmonics – as heard on “Kiss the wind”) or a string quartet swelling around that heavenly voice (“Angels”). Her craft of songwriting shines through this timeless collection of songs.

    1. Dark side of the room
    2. Kiss the wind
    3. Shades of grey
    4. Space
    5. Angels
    6. Calling You
    7. Love is my language
    8. You're gone
  • Wonderland

    28 July 2015




    An earthy and sensual album of childlike explorations into the Wonderland of love, destiny and joy. The delights of honey, lust and desire to the floating ethers of “weightlessness”, the almost bonkers joy and whistling in “let your heart sing”, the stirrings of new love in “want to know you for a longtime” and “angels and violins”.

    Amanda plays Autoharp on “Soft” reminiscent of romantic bicycle riding in China, where this song was first conceived spinning round her head.

    1. Honey
    2. I Desire You
    3. Angels & Violins
    4. Wonderland
    5. Weightlessness
    6. The Seed
    7. Soft
    8. Want to know you for a long time
    9. Affair
    10. Let your heart sing
  • Cosmic Disco

    30 July 2015

    Cosmic Disco



    Amanda is in her own “Cosmic Disco”!. Evidence of her scientific and intuitive thoughts on the universe are abundant. The joy of enlightenment through dance, love, stars, meditation, the elements.
    “Wonderweb” celebrates the interconnectedness of everything. “Calling you”/ “Orion” is the awe of escaping out to the far reaches of the galaxy looking back at the tiny earth and feeling so small – and yet feeling as big and part of the vast live infinite universe all around. So then to “Free Your spirit” and find everything “Beautiful” is somewhat natural in Aquamanda’s world.

    1. Wonderweb
    2. Calling you
    3. Beautiful (remix)
    4. Orion
    5. Oblivious
    6. Free your spirit (mini mix)
    7. Supernatural Love
    8. Celestial voices (of Orion)
  • Knees Up Mother Earth – Aquamanda with : Knights of The Occasional Table

    26 June 1993

    features Aquamanda on lyrics & vocals



    An iconic album, loved by John Peel and the hippy trippy Underground scene of the early 90’s from Megatripolis to Megadog. “I met Nyge, Andy, Steve & Matt through the Wibbly Wobbly World of Music boys, Colin & Neil (better known as Zion Train). I was there recording my ambi-dub track “Orion” (track 4 – Cosmic Disco album) at their studio in Tottenham. Obviously on some strange cosmic vibe, but with a good voice and piano skills, they suggested I add something lyrical and vocal into the mix of their mates currently laying down some tunes. I constantly had a head full of lyrics and stories and theories and visions,  so weaving these into the electronic ideas of the lads was a match made in bonkers heaven”.

    What the songs are about: Ever the optimist, but with a worry about the environment i could still Choose to be happy. Inspired by a fascination of Amoebas in both school Biology and their determination in the gut, I wondered about evolution – all those funny old diversions into wings, fur, scales, horns from ultimately that very ambitious one celled mud-living organism. I studied  energy particularly using Sound & Colour vibrations, hence in awe of the Rainbows of Gaia. Also meditating with sound feeling the divine breath in Breathe. There will always be Angels watching over me, watching over you.

    In this wonderous wacky universe, perhaps made from fairy cake crumbs inside the Total Perspective Vortex (thanks Douglas Adams), we are all beautifully interconnected. You really can’t touch a flower without trembling a Star.

    1. Choose
    2. Amoeba
    3. Rainbows of Gaia
    4. Breathe
    5. Chislehurst Caves
    6. Um Baby!
    7. Isn't it terrific?
    8. Angels watching
    9. Star
    10. Trybes
    11. Knees up Mother Earth

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